About Me

I am a 22-year-old college graduate and aspiring backpacker from the United States. This blog is meant to capture the most extreme adventure of my life. I’ve embarked on this journey because I have a dream to see the world. I want to travel to as many different countries as possible. I want to see all walks of life. I want to immerse myself in every culture. I want to experience the great diversity this planet contains.

I firmly believe that happiness is shaped through perspective and perspective is shaped by experiences. Fittingly, my life experiences have been rather typical for the average American. I was luckily enough to travel all over the Untied States as a child with my family but have failed to keep the same pace as life progressed. I went to high school, played sports, went to college, gained invaluable professional experience, but it still has not been enough for me. I first started feeling the pull of travel again over two years ago. I say “pull” because it literally feels like you are being tugged towards unknown adventure. At first, this pull was just a thought–a small itch–an abstract idea. But, as time passed, my wavering thoughts turned into a concrete internal commitment to expand my horizons.

My sights landed on the beautiful, ancient, and culturally rich region of the world known as Central America. This blog will cover my 6-week-long journey through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. I aspire to continue these travels in the future by backpacking through each continent. Thank you for your support and please remember to subscribe to my blog!