Shots–and not the good kind.


Last week I crossed vaccinations off my list. I was dreading this step because I knew it would be expensive. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad because I was not forced to get the yellow fever vaccine. There is a shortage of yellow fever vaccines and the price of the shot is astronomical (roughly $240). I also dodged the rabies shot due to a sticker shock of $1200. I’ll have to be sure to dodge stray dogs and raccoons. Based on the rough idea of my route, I did get two other vaccines—typhoid and malaria. I also got a stellar guidebook that shows all the other ways I can get sick or injured along the way, which was cool. Knowledge is power, right?

I chose to buy the typhoid in pill form because the prevention period is much longer. I have to take the malaria pills before, during, and after I leave the last city with an elevation lower than 1500 meters. The doctors office also gave included a Z-pack, Loperamide, wet wipes, and oral rehydration salts for a low price. Have my fingers crossed about not getting sick!!